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Make Your Own Camping Paradise: Constructing A VW TDouble Bed

Make Your Own Camping Paradise: Constructing A VW TDouble Bed

Are you ready for the ultimate camping adventure? With the help of this construction manual, you can learn how to build your own VW T4 double bed and make your camping trips something special.

Constructing your own VW T4 double bed has many advantages, from saving you money to having your own custom-built bed for camping trips. 

Read on to find out all the benefits, as well as a step-by-step guide for building your own VW T4 double bed. Get ready to make your camping paradise a reality!


Are you looking for the perfect way to enjoy your camping excursions with your family and friends? Then look no further! 

This article, a construction manual for a VW T4 Double Bed, will provide you with all the information you need to turn your VW van into a comfortable camping paradise.

With the help of our step-by-step guide, you will be able to construct your own double bed for your VW van. 

With a few materials and tools, you can have your own custom-made double bed, complete with storage and a comfortable sleeping area. 

From cutting the wood to attaching the canvas and placing the mattress, we will provide you with everything you need to know to make your camping excursions the best they can be.

So don’t wait any longer! With our construction manual and a bit of work, you can quickly and easily build your own double bed and make every camping excursion an unforgettable experience. Read on to get started!

Benefits of Having A VW T4 Double Bed

A VW T4 Double Bed is a great addition to any camper van, conversion, or travel van. It provides you with a comfortable and convenient way to sleep on the go, without having to take multiple beds or mattresses. 

With the simple instructions of our Construction Manual, you will be able to easily build your own Double Bed for your VW T4 and begin enjoying trips away from home.

Having a VW T4 Double Bed makes camping trips more enjoyable by providing a comfortable and convenient place to sleep. 

It is well known that a good night’s sleep is key to a successful camping excursion, and having a Double Bed eliminates the need to bring multiple beds or mattresses. 

Additionally, the Double Bed allows for two adults or children to sleep in the same area. This eliminates the need to create separate sleeping areas inside the van, thereby leaving more room for living space.

Another benefit of having a VW T4 Double Bed is the versatility it offers. If you are looking to use your van as an adventure vehicle, you can easily store the bed away while out on the road. 

This allows you to have extra space for activities, such as fishing, climbing, or camping. Additionally, you can easily adjust the bed frame to accommodate different sleeping styles and needs, from camping to sleeping in a vehicle.

Finally, the VW T4 Double Bed is capable of providing a solid base for over-cab storage. This can be quite useful for campers who need extra storage space for food, clothes, and other equipment. Additionally, the over-cab storage area can be used to store items such as a sleeping bag or cooler.

To summarize, having a VW T4 Double Bed is an incredibly useful addition for any van dwelling family. 

It provides an incredibly comfortable and convenient sleeping area, and offers a variety of benefits that make it ideal for camping excursions. 

Additionally, it can be easily stored away when not in use, making it perfect for a variety of different scenarios. 

With the help of our Construction Manual, you can easily build your own VW T4 Double Bed, and begin enjoying the benefits of having a comfortable and convenient sleeping area while out on the road.

Step-by-Step Guide to Building a VW T4 Double Bed

Creating the perfect camping excursion starts with having the right equipment, and nothing quite beats the comfort of a VW T4 double bed. 

But before you can enjoy your perfect camping experience, you must build the bed yourself. This step-by-step guide will show you how.

First, gather the necessary supplies: you'll need a sheet of plywood, at least 1/2 inch thick, a jigsaw, a drill, screws, and a saw. 

Make sure to measure the area where the bed will be placed and cut the plywood according to those measurements.

Next, you'll need to construct the frame. Begin by using the jigsaw to cut four corner pieces for the frame. Once the corners have been cut out, use the drill to screw them together. 

The frame should have three wooden pieces on each side, with the fourth at the top. Once the frame is completed, it should look like a rectangular box.

Now it's time to construct the mattress surface. Using your sheet of plywood, cut out two, long pieces, measuring the same as your frame. 

This will form the base of the mattress. Cut two more pieces of plywood, slightly smaller than the frame. These will form the sides of the mattress. Screw the two sides and the mattress base together.

For the final touches, add two more pieces of plywood to the frame, one on each side. This will create an edge on the mattress, allowing it to fit firmly into the frame. Screw the pieces into the frame, making sure that they are securely fastened.

Finally, add the mattress. Place the mattress into the frame and then screw it into the frame. Make sure that it is firmly secured so that it will not move when in use.

There you have it – a completed VW T4 double bed. Enjoy your camping adventures to the fullest, knowing that you have built your own bed with your own hands. Happy camping!

Cutting and Assembling The Frame

Constructing a double bed in a VW T4 is a great way to turn your camping excursions into luxurious stays. The first step to building this double bed is to cut and assemble the frame. 

This process involves cutting four pieces of marine plywood to the desired size and shape, then joining them together to form the base of the bed.

For the frame, you’ll need four pieces of marine plywood, each measuring 45cm by 85cm. Cut these pieces to the desired shape and size, making sure that the corners of each piece fit snugly together when the frame is complete. This will ensure a strong and stable base.

Once you’ve cut the four pieces, the next step is to assemble the frame. Apply small dollops of wood glue to the corners of each piece, then lay them on a flat work surface. 

Carefully align the edges and press them together, making sure that all of the edges are flush and that the entire frame is square.

Once the frame has been glued together, it’s time to reinforce it. Using a drill and screws, secure each corner by driving two screws into the frame. This will ensure that the frame will not come apart.

Once the frame has been cut and assembled, the next step is to construct the mattress support. This involves cutting two pieces of particleboard or MDF, measuring 42cm by 83cm. These pieces will form the base for the mattress to rest on.

Secure the mattress support pieces to the frame using wood glue, then drive screws through the frame and into the mattress support pieces to ensure a strong and stable bed. Once the frame is complete, you’re ready for the next step – building and installing the mattress.

Attaching the Mattress

Now that you have your frame built and installed, you are ready to attach the mattress. To make sure you get a comfortable night’s sleep, you will need to find the right mattress. 

A good quality mattress with a few inches of padding is ideal. Once you have your mattress, you can attach it to the frame.

First, make sure that you have the right size mattress for the bed. Measure the bed frame and compare it with the size of your mattress. If it does not fit, you may need to get a different mattress.

Once you have the right size, you can start attaching it to the frame. Start by spreading the mattress evenly across the top of the frame. 

Secure the mattress to the frame with a few screws. Make sure you drive the screws into the wood firmly and securely.

You may also need to attach a few pieces of fabric to ensure a snug fit. Measure the fabric to fit the top of the frame and attach it to the mattress with a few staples. This will further secure the mattress in place and help it stay in place.

Once the mattress is secured, you can put the bed sheets on and enjoy a comfortable camping excursion. With the proper construction, your VW T4 double bed will provide you with a comfortable sleeping space while you explore the great outdoors.

Overview of Completed VW T4 Double Bed

After days spent combing through the plans, purchasing all the needed materials, and involving your friends to assist in the construction, a VW T4 double bed is finally complete. 

This marvel of your DIY ingenuity can now become your very own camping paradise. Its no-frills, straightforward design won't take up too much space but can house up to 6 people. With an array of accessories available, you can make your camping experience as lavish as you choose.

The VW T4 double bed has all the essentials for a camping night, including a sturdy steel frame and a 10” thick foam mattress. 

A built-in mattress topper protects against wear and tear from rough ground, while a removable bed sheet makes clean up a breeze. 

The bed also comes with a storage bag, which allows you to easily store blankets, clothes, and other items.

For added comfort, the VW T4 double bed is designed with two adjustable headrests and two footrests, providing you with hours of relaxation in the great outdoors. 

The adjustable headrests can be folded flat, so you and your camping partner can stretch out and enjoy the night sky.

For a cozy camping experience, the VW T4 double bed is perfect. With its simple design, it's easy to transport with you wherever you go. So get ready for your upcoming camping trip and create your own camping paradise with the help of a VW T4 double bed.


In conclusion, building a VW T4 double bed is a great way to make a camping paradise. Not only is it lightweight and cost effective, but it provides a cozy and comfortable sleeping experience. 

It's a great way to bring your camping dreams to life! With the right supplies and step-by-step instructions, anyone can tackle this project and enjoy their own VW T4 double bed. 

So, grab the supplies and instructions, and get to work creating your own camping paradise today!


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